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Ch. Windrift's Del Rio Blues

Ch. Majesda's Obsession

Stop Press!!!

Tina & Mr Tee have presented us with 5 beautiful babies

4 Girls
Majesda's Undeniably Windrift (Whitney)
Majesda's Pleasures of Windrift (Bette)
Majesda's Dazzling Windrift
Majesda's Passion of Windrift (Patti)

& 1 Boy
Majesda's Realm of Windrift (Trevor)

We look forward to introducing you to these stunning babies in the not to distant future


Ch. Windrifts Del Rio Blues Ch. Windrifts Summertime Blues Ch. Keesland Outlaw (Imp UK) Eng Ch. Ledwell Silver Dollar
Eng Ch. Keesland Legend
Ch. Windrifts Stylistic Blues Ch. Windrifts Prophet
Ch. Windrifts Perpetual Time
Windrifts High Flyootin Ch. Fantasia Flying Colors Ch. Vandys Malik
Ch. Fantasia Duchess Seafair
Windrifts Marquesa Of Kemont Ch. Yankee Neiman Marcus
Ch. Markwrights Centerfold
Ch. Majesdas Obsession Marrkees William Tell Ch. Fearless Flintstone Klassics Clark Kent
Ch. Fearless Flashbulb
Shalynns Maxastas Orchid Ch. Travelers Keystone
Shalynns Believe Its Bb
Ch. Marrkees Honey Suckle Rose Ch. Marrkees Southern Storm Ch. Fearless Flintstone
Ch. Starkees Southern Sunshine
Ch. Ashbrooks Nut N Honey Ch. Cedarcrests Flashpoint
Ch. Jolyns Magic By Ashbrook